GM Endorsements

National Labs Must Set Safe Limits for GM Crops: Venkat Mayande

GM crops are not bad. They have  genes inserted to resist pests and diseases or create immunity in plants to sustain during dry spells and stress periods.  Beyond the safety limits we must not have changes in the characterization of crops. That can badly affect the environment. In food crops people are afraid that if the residual impact of food is beyond safety limits it may affect health. I agree with that. What are the safe limits?  We must do research in our own conditions. This should not be dictated by some companies. Bt Brinjal was tested in our universities and they said it is within safe limits but how was that limit set? Our own system must do research. We must do research in our labs like National Institute of Nutrition. Agricultural universities also have food departments and biotech departments. Companies can fix higher limits and do business for ten years and then get out. Why go to that point? GM activity should be encouraged. GM is not bad as a project but out national laboratories should certify.

(Top photo of Venkat Mayande, former Vice-Chancellor of Panjabrao Deshmukh Agricultural University, Akola. By Vivian Fernandes).

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